Donna Valente Body Butter - Shea Butter & Aloe Vera Extract - 500ml

SKU: COS.31124


Rich body butter with shea butter, aloe vera extract, almond oil, olive oil, aloe vera and panthenol.

For intense skin hydration - soothing and nourishing

An excellent composition with shea butter, almond oil, olive oil and panthenol. Offers intensive deep hydration that lasts all day, while caring for and nourishing dehydrated skin, leaving it velvetly soft. Free of parabens, minerals & silcons.

Ideal for dehydrated skin areas (dry knees, elbows, heels etc)


500 ml - Professional Packaging

How to Use

Put a small amount on your palm, apply to your body evenly and gently massage in circular motions, until it is absorbed. It will be easily absorbed, leaving no traces of oiliness. 

Repeat this treatment daily, ideally after bath when skin pores are opened.