Cosmeticom is a Greek distributing company in the market of cosmetics, perfumery, skincare products and accessories.

CosmetiCom was founded in 2004 by exceptionally experienced partners of the cosmetics business and has already gained a remarkable market share. Cosmeticom clientele consists of cosmetic stores – local and retail-chains, super market chains, pharmacies, tourist shops with seasonal products, mini markets and wholesalers around Greece.

Additionally, by combining our deep knowledge in the market of professional skincare products and a client oriented mentality, we managed to obtain a strong position in the domestic market of professional skincare products.

professional skincare products

CosmetiCom has the ability to grow brands rapidly through our sales and merchandising network, beauty blogging and MUA networks which we expand through our continuous presence in beauty and fashion exhibitions and our presence in the social media.

Besides our company's collaborations with leading brands & cosmetics and correspondant domestic distribution activities, Cosmeticom develops 2 brands, DONNA VALENTE and REVERI Professional and is moving onwards exporting activities.